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Snowshoeing The First Day Of Winter In The Baraboo Bluffs

The Dec. 20, 2012 storm on the eve of the winter solstice dropped about 20 inches of snow atop the Baraboo Bluffs. Innkeeper Dave recorded 17 inches on the Inn at Wawanissee Point’s deck. The first day of winter 2012 in this part of the northern hemisphere dawned a lush snowscape.

Let the winter fun begin:  downhill and cross-country skiing, sledding and snowshoeing abound at and around Wawanissee Point!

Snowshoeing, or as we like to call it, snow walking, is our favorite winter sport. The Inn’s three miles of wooded and prairie trails are beckoning you to explore our 42-acre winter paradise.

What You’ll Need To Snowshoe:

  1. Foot ware:  comfortable and warm winter boots, or waterproof hiking boots, with wool socks is the best combination. Gaiters keep your lower legs dry, but are not necessary, especially if you have waterproof snow pants.
  2. Clothing:  wear three layers to shed as you warm up from your workout, which you make as vigorous as you want. The most important layer is against your skin—wear long underwear made of a wicking material, never cotton. Wool, silk or synthetic materials are best. Fleece or wool make ideal middle layers because they breathe, and insulate when wet. A zippered top helps you regulate your heat. Your outer layer should be a lightweight jacket that blocks the wind, preferably with water resistance to keep you dry if it’s snowing. Wool long underwear, your workout performance tee, and a fleece top and pant under snow pants is one example.
  3. Head and hands:  a wool or synthetic hat paired with waterproof mittens or gloves. Water- and windproof glove or mitten shells over an insulating liner, instead of the all-in-one gloves let you remove a layer if you’re overheated. Pack your sunglasses for sunny days on the prairie trails or the glare off the snow will quickly deter you.
  4. Fanny pack, optional:  to carry a water bottle and snack if your coat pockets aren’t big enough. If you plan to explore our mini snow resort, you probably won’t need one. Depending on how many times you stop, or venture off trail for side trips, you can spend two to three hours covering all of the Inn’s trails. If you want to spend half a day or more on the multitude of trails within five minutes of the Inn, the fanny pack will be a worthy accessory.
  5. Poles, optional:  if you want to tackle steep terrain and your knees aren’t in the best shape, trekking poles reduce some of the weight and strain. For most of the trails around the Inn, they aren’t necessary.

The Snowshoes Are Waiting For You

Guests may use our small inventory of Redfeather snowshoes, which are made in Wisconsin. For adventures farther afield than our resort, rent shoes and poles (and ski sets) by the day at Wildside Adventure Sports in Baraboo, Wis., or borrow them from the Nature Center at Devil’s Lake State Park for use in the park.

You could spend days snowshoeing on and off miles of picturesque trails a stone’s throw from the Inn yet feel like you’re alone in the wilderness. That’s the beauty of walking on snow in our natural resource treasure trove—you can reach areas not as accessible in other seasons and you have the freedom to investigate off trail without getting lost because you can follow your tracks back to the trail you departed.

After your relaxing or invigorating snowshoeing, rejuveniate in our Shiatsu massage chair and sauna, warm beside the fire in the Great Room, or splurge on a private in-room massage that Trudy can arrange for the Bourdeux and Secret Garden guest rooms.

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