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Snowshoeing, Skiing Still Great Around Baraboo

It’s the third week of February 2013 and a thick blanket of snow still covers the Baraboo Hills around the Inn at Wawanissee Point. We’ll receive five more inches of snow by Friday night, Feb. 22, refreshing the trails for winter sports and laying a new canvas for critter tracking.

If you enjoy an invigorating and peaceful trek through the woods and prairies in winter, you have a couple more weeks to schedule your final winter getaway.

  • Spring officially begins in one month. By then spring peepers will be singing, the cranes will have returned and the spring migration will be underway.

Wildlife tracks crisscross like a maze now. Coyotes have been mating and are on the move. Squirrels have started courting, making the scene at bird feeders more entertaining as they chase around the tree trunks until you’d think they would be dizzy.

Large groups of wild turkeys are moving around more, especially since it’s harder digging through the deep snow. They are frequenting backyard bird feeders more often, and starting to show signs of romance.

  • From the warmth of the sunroom, watch the turkeys, winter birds and squirrels at our feeders.
  • Use our snowshoes for snow walking the Inn’s 42 acres.

You may find a rabbit’s den and other surprises in the snow. Our neighbors discovered four fresh beds where deer had lain against a rock outcropping warmed by the morning sun.

  • Great horned owls are breeding now. Venture through the nearby state natural areas and you’re apt to spot a nest, such as along the sheltered gorge in Pewit’s Nest.

Artists’ Inspiration

Tree trunks starkly contrast against the bright white snow, accentuating the textures and colors of their bark, now more noticeable without canopy or understory foliage to distract your eye. Deep, gnarled crevices of near ebony, flakey silver over dark grey, smooth grey dotted with grey-green lichens, and wispy curls of brown. Red twig dogwood with its tender green tips cheerfully interrupts the shades of black and white, its linear, intersecting branches artwork in the landscape. Even the berry canes push a smile to your lips; their bright purplish skin jumps off the snow, overshadowing the still pesky thorns. Did you realize winter was so colorful and textured?

Shoe And Ski

Snowshoe the hiking trails in the state parks. Rent snowshoes and poles, and X-country ski sets by the day at Wildside Adventure Sports in Baraboo, Wis.

Cross-country ski Devil’s Lake State Park’s more than 5 miles of groomed trails and Mirror Lake State Park’s 18 miles of skiing trails. Break a fresh trail through the Merrimac Preserve.

Downhill skiing is still great at Devil’s Head Resort and Cascade Mountain.

Book your last winter weekend getaway at our secluded mini resort soon. And bring your camera. Call us at 608-355-9899 or click Check Availability at the top of the page.

Area Entertainment:

Friday, March 1:  Shari Sarazin Celtic Harp at the River Arts On Water Gallery, Prairie du Sac, 7:00 p.m. Details at

March 1:  The Wilder Deitz Trio jazz performance at The Village Booksmith, Baraboo, 7:30 p.m. More at

March 2–3:  Wollersheim Winery’s Open House, Prairie du Sac, 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

March 8:  Second Friday Poetry readings at The Village Booksmith, Baraboo, 7:30 p.m. Details at

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