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Bald Eagle Watching Days Jan. 17-18

Sauk Prairie will hold its 27th Annual Bald Eagle Watching Days Jan. 17–18, 2014. The River Arts Center at the Sauk Prairie High School, 105 Ninth Street, Prairie du Sac, Wis., serves as event headquarters. There you’ll find an array of presentations and displays.

Eagle Watching Around Wawanissee Point More details of the weekend’s program will be forthcoming at the Ferry Bluff Eagle Council’s Web site. You’ll also find a map there of the best spots to view the eagles.

The Ferry Bluff Eagle Council Overlook, in the municipal parking lot in downtown Prairie du Sac next to the Ruth Culver Community Library at 560 Park Avenue, is one ideal place to view the majestic birds. The Council often has volunteers there on weekend mornings to answer questions.

Wollersheim Winery on highway 188 along the Wisconsin River is one of seven designated eagle-viewing areas.

Eagle Watching Bus Tours

At 10:00 a.m. on Saturday mornings Jan. 4 through Feb. 15, 2014, Ferry Bluff Eagle Council volunteers will guide 50-minute eagle watching bus tours. Tickets are $5.00 per person. Call the Sauk Prairie Area Chamber Of Commerce at 800-683-2453 to reserve a seat. Tours are popular and fill quickly.

Viewing Etiquette

Humans have a rare opportunity to be unusually close to eagles in Sauk Prairie along the Wisconsin River, sometimes only 100 feet away, but the eagles only tolerate our presence because they are hungry. Whenever possible, use your car as a blind and stay inside it to view them. Close car doors softly and be quiet. A frightened eagle may leave its perch and return to its evening roost with an empty stomach.

The Inn often sells all four of its guest rooms for this event. Reserve early if you plan to watch the eagles with us. If you cannot make it Jan. 17–18, you can still enjoy great eagle watching during all of January and February.

Call us at 608-355-9899 or reserve your favorite guest room here!

Jan. 16 Full Moon Snowshoeing

Snow walking on a clear night by moonlight with the snow sparkling like diamonds is a serene and moving experience. Everyone should try it. After eagle watching, use our Redfeather Snowshoes along our three miles of trails for a fleeting but unforgettable winter experience.

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